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Gli studenti che hanno compilato il contratto Erasmus a.a. 2014/15 prima del 22 settembre devono accedere alla propria pagina personale sul Portale Erasmus per scaricare, firmare ed inviare all'Unita' Mobilita'Internazionale il modulo modifica adempimenti, che costituisce parte integrante del contratto gia? firmato. Tale integrazione e' richiesta a seguito di una comunicazione pervenuta da parte dell'Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus +.


Direzione Ricerca e Internazionalizzazione
“Unità Mobilità Internazionale”
Lungarno Pacinotti 44, 56100 Pisa


Orario di ricevimento al pubblico

Lunedì Mercoledì Venerdì dalle ore 09.00 alle 11.00

Giovedì pomeriggio solo su appuntamento dalle 15.30 alle 17.00

Puoi anche consultare:

Please notice that, as soon as you arrive in Pisa, as first step, you must look for your Faculty Erasmus Coordinator.

For information about your Pisa Coordinator, visit the page "coordinatori" and keep in mind that it may be very useful to contact your Coordinator before your arrival in Pisa.


In order to obtain the student record book and University credentials, you must connect to Alice (the online portal to student services) in the web page:


After completing registration you must send an email to to get an appointment, in order to complete enrollment to the University of Pisa.

On the appointed day, you must go to the International Relations Office, 44, Lungarno Pacinotti, Pisa, at opening hours*, in order to collect:
- the student record book
- credentials to have access to the University net
- information on getting a canteen card

*Opening hours: Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9 to 11 am.


Some suggestion about Hostels/Colleges/Residences in Pisa:

College Toniolo:
Residence Tulipan: by e-mailing to: or phone to 0039 050 557502.
Town Hall web page: 
Also: and


In case you may be interested, please be informed that we have done an Agreement  (valid until December 31st, 2014) with Residence CASA BETANIA situated nearby Cisanello Hospital (each room is furnished with bath, tv, small fridge – NO kitchen).


Double room:

euro 500,00 per month (morning breakfast included);

euro 150,00 per week (morning breakfast included)

euro 50,00 per night (morning breakfast included)

Single room:

euro 35,00 per night (morning breakfast included)

Triple room:

euro 60,00 per night (morning breakfast included)

Info in italian language:

For booking and info, please e-mail to: (please specify that you are a Pisa University guest)


How to get to Casa Betania:

at Pisa Airport you can get the bus named LAM ROSSA in order to arrive to Pisa Central Railway Station.

At Pisa Railway Station, you have to change bus (the bus ticket is valid for one hour time): get the bus number 13 in order to arrive to Casa Betania, which is situated in Via Pungilupo 25, nearby Cisanello Hospital.


In case you speak Italian language, you can find PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION AND ROOMS FOR RENT at  the following web pages:

Finally, about the costs for living in Pisa:



Also, if you wish, you can contact the following Italian Erasmus Students Volunteers Groups, who can help you:

1)     Erasmus Student Network:   (e-mail: )

facebook page :!


2)      AEGEE Pisa:  (e-mail: )

facebook page:

They can help you.


  • Meet a Mate

    Dear Incoming student,

    If you go through this page you'll find very important information for your future experience in our University and in our city. This page was written by Erasmus students for Erasmus students.

    Meet-a-Mate is a project promoted and led by Erasmus Student Network Pisa ( which offers you the amazing possibility of having a friend who can help you during your experience here at Pisa University even before it starts!

    This project, as ESN itself, is volunteer-based, that means that people who belong to it are moved by nothing more than the wish of being helpful to the incoming student, have fun with them and have a cultural exchange like the one you will be having thanks to the Erasmus project.

    In a few words, the aim of the Meet-a-Mate project is to assign each incoming student to a local student (called buddy) who can help him during his stay.

    We'll manage to assign you the buddy who best matches your profile, for instance a guy who can speak your language and who is enrolled to the same faculty as you. Unfortunately the drawback of being a volunteer-based system is that the availability of a buddy who meets all the parameters is not guaranteed. We cannot guarantee that you'll even have contact with your buddy before your arrival, again because it depends on the availability of volunteers at our university (consider that the period when most of the Erasmus students are coming is usually exam session or holiday, that means that many students are busy or out for vacation).

    That being said let's come to the operative points.
    To apply and enjoy the benefits of the Meet-a-Mate project you are need to:
    1. Write an e-mail to this address

    with the following info about yourself:
    -name and surname*
    -contacts* (the e-mail that you use most often)
    -expected arriving date
    -further info (i.e. spoken languages, interests, …)

    *compulsory fields Don't bother writing more that what you are asked to, we'll enter in our database all that you have given. This is the necessary and sufficient info required to participate.

    2. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail by Meet-a-Mate Pisa reporting that your application has been processed. Make sure you receive that in the following 48 hours, if it doesn't happen try to write again specifying that is your second attempt. Anyway this is not supposed to happen.

    3. Depending on the availability of our buddies and potentially on congestion of applications in peak periods like September or February, you may receive the e-mail with the contact of your buddy before or after your arrival. We may be struggling to assign you a buddy in the first weeks of your staying. Don't forget that you can ALWAYS rely on hour help even outside of the Meet-a-Mate project: just contact us from our website or visit us in our office in Via Fermi n.8.

    4. After you (and of course your buddy) get the e-mail with your corresponding contacts the most is done, now it's your turn, it's time to get to know each other and to meet. Of course if you still want to: nothing in the whole system is compulsory for anybody. That's how it works, that's why it works.

    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to write us, we'll be pleased to answer. See you in Pisa.
    ESN Pisa